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Hello, I'm Dr. Shannon-Marie Struthers, the founder and CEO of Royal Confidante. I worked the frontlines during the pandemic and continue to work in acute care to this day. After experiencing so much loss and sadness, I started making myself a priority again. I started doing what makes me happy, what makes me feel good. It is easy to put others first and put your well-being last, especially being a healthcare professional. It's our nature to take care of others. That's true as a mother, friend, family member, you name it. I myself, am a mother of two, and trust me there are days where finding time for myself virtually seems impossible. It is so incredibly important to make you a priority. I'm here to show you it is not impossible. Here, we help you become the best version of yourself and make time for you. Because you deserve it!

We offer all-natural supplements that target anti-aging, prevent hair loss and stimulate regrowth, maximize weight loss and production of lean muscle mass, ease joint pain, improve cardiovascular function and stamina, and even improve brain function. There are so many supplements out there that simply do not work because they cannot properly be absorbed or simply because the supplement offers too low a dose for it to be considered effective. We at Royal Confidante have done the research for you to ensure you are getting high quality supplements, that will produce results.

We have created meal plans that go along with all diet types and help you maximize weight loss while fighting signs of aging in the process. Once you have reached your target weight, we help guide you through with continued meal plans and education to help you maintain and keep the weight off for good. We are not just another fad diet. We care about your well-being and overall success.

You also have the option to get fit with our easy to follow 15-minute workouts to maximize your weight loss and sculpt your body into the body you've always dreamed of. That's right, in only 15-minutes, making it easier to squeeze in that time for you. 

All services are provided by highly trained and licensed professionals, including the founder and CEO, Dr. Shannon-Marie Struthers herself.


promote a healthy lifestyle, but not eliminating the foods you love in the process. get the desired results you're looking for quickly and get the skills to maintain a healthy weight and promote longevity. because who doesn't want to look younger for longer and live a longer healthier life?


to help create healthy habits from the inside out so you may become the best version of yourself. it's time to treat yourself like royalty and build the confidence you've always dreamed of. you deserve it. 

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