Hair treatments can be very costly, but rest assured we have a more cost-effective solution for you.

A 2021 study showed that people who topically applied CBD oil to their hair and scalp for 6 months saw improvement in overall hair health! Clients on average saw an increase in hair growth by 93.5% with just 3 to 4 mg of CBD over the course of 6 Months!

Our product contains 33mg and other natural ingredients that significantly increase CBD’s bioavailability, so you get the full benefits of this natural hair growth support serum!




Royal Confidante LLC

Form: Light Mint Flavor 

Serving Size: 20 drops

Number of Servings: 30 Servings

Specialty Diets: Dairy Free ,  Salt Free ,  

Gluten Free ,  Sugar Free


Label: Place 20 drops under the tongue and keep in place for 60-90seconds before swallowing.

 Do not exceed suggested use. Keep out of reach of children.

Storage: Store tightly closed in a cool dry place. 

Additional Instructions: Instead of taking this by mouth apply the same 20 drops onto scalp

and/or areas of concern and gently message into the skin. DO NOT RINSE. Apply daily.


CBD (cannabidiol) and MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil may offer various benefits for hair and scalp health. Here are some potential advantages:

1) Promotes Hair Growth: 

CBD may stimulate hair growth by improving blood circulation to the hair follicles and promoting the health of the scalp.

2) Reduces Hair Loss: 

CBD's anti-inflammatory properties may help reduce inflammation on the scalp, which is associated with conditions leading to hair loss.

3) Moisturizes the Scalp: 

CBD oil has moisturizing properties that can help soothe and hydrate the scalp, reducing dryness and flakiness. MCT oil is a lightweight oil that can penetrate the hair shaft, providing moisture and improving the overall condition of the hair. Considering it ability to penetrate the shaft and how much it increases the bioavailability of CBD you're really getting the maximum benefit for hair growth with these two ingredients.

4) Strengthens Hair: 

CBD contains amino acids, fatty acids, and antioxidants that may contribute to stronger and healthier hair.

5) Balances Scalp Oil Production: 

CBD may help regulate sebum production on the scalp, preventing oily or dry conditions that can affect hair health.

6) Prevents Breakage: 

Regular use can help reduce hair breakage and split ends, keeping the hair shaft healthy.

7) Antifungal Properties: 

MCT oil has natural antifungal properties, which can help maintain a healthy scalp and prevent conditions like dandruff.

8) Improves Nutrient Absorption: 

Enhances the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, promoting a nutrient-rich environment for hair follicles.

Synergy of CBD and MCT Oil for Hair and Scalp:

9) Enhanced Absorption: 

MCT oil is often used as a carrier oil for CBD, enhancing its absorption and bioavailability when applied to the hair and scalp.

10) Balanced Scalp Health: 

The combination of CBD's anti-inflammatory and MCT oil's moisturizing properties may contribute to a balanced and healthy scalp environment.

11) Holistic Scalp Care: 

CBD and MCT oil together can provide a holistic approach to scalp care, addressing various aspects such as inflammation, moisture balance, and overall hair health.

As with any new haircare product, it's recommended to perform a patch test to ensure there are no adverse reactions. If you have specific concerns about your hair or scalp, consulting with a dermatologist or a healthcare professional is advisable for personalized advice.


"Love how it has curbed my cravings. " Sarah L. 

"My skin looks and feels amazing. I'm tolerating far more than I was before. My arthritis in my knees used to hold me back, but not anymore!" Linda M. 

"My doctor want to do a hip replacement because my hip arthritis was so bad it was causing me to lose my balance while walking. After taking this my hip pain got so much better, my walking improved. My doctor could not believe it." Evelyn J. 

"I used to feel bloated all the time. I have had a lot of stomach issues which my doctors related to stress. Since taking this supplement my stomach issues have virtually disappeared. I no longer need to make sure a bathroom is near!" Barbara V. 

"My knee pain is gone!" Lisa Y. 

"I'm finally down to a healthy weight and it did not take much effort with the help of this collagen! Couldn't be happier." Pamela L. 

" My skin, hair and nails have never been heathier. My friends asked if I got botox! They claim I look years younger. Not to brag, but I agree with them. Thank you!" Lynn F.  

"My joints feel amazing!" Stacy K. 

"I've been using it for a month and the lines







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